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First, it's Okay to Fail-Makes it Easy for Success to Come in Second  

If not now,when

You Can Spin Life's Sequence of Events to Go Your Way 

Rarely is it all right to let someone else make decisions for you. Claim your right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." It's yours to have. Hold on closely, in divine sanctity.           Frieda People


Take drama, trauma, and adversity and scrub them clean

Unpack what plagues you with under-the-radar techniques


Fine tune your body/brain experience to exceed expectations and get maximized results


I'm just an average person who at some point figured out that I feel so much better when I unwrap issues and look inside myself for answers.  I wasn't born this way, it was a resurgence in faith and learning a few precious life skills that pulled me through from an abusive childhood.


I have an extensive background in the entertainment business.  I am a published and recorded songwriter with gold records and have also been a blogger and a media specialist.  I even had a career as a model.  I see my life as creating, sharing and making art.

Everything I've ever wanted I've always dreamed it was possible to obtain or achieve. I'm always a work in progress.  One thing I know for sure, I reap big benefits from hanging out with Mother Nature. 


I own no cell phone, never did.  I'm too old to be young but that never stopped me from doing anything.  I have more energy now than when I was half my age!

By diving in and taking care of myself first, the value and meaning of life established roots that shook my whole being. I became able to unearth hidden treasures within my own soul.


I gravitate to clarity at all costs and that greatly expands my vision to go farther down more interesting and sometimes scary paths in life. There's value in peace and understanding and I dedicate my whole life around that premise. 

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Trust and Wisdom Within

Unpack your perils in life one by one and turn them into at least seven wonders; if not more, of gracious living in your own skin

See your life as a spectacular now moment




*  Essential Outtakes is available everywhere books are sold

**AudioBook:  Amazon/Audible, Balboa Press, iTunes 


Let me help you be where you want to be while you build the confidence to do so. When you understand your emotions and how they alter your abilities to move forward, know that is a situation that can be fixed. Why not turn what does not serve you into strength and character. From my heart, I wrote a book that I think can help everybody lift off their own veneer and get to the main core of what is missing.  That's when change comes about and it only gets better from there.

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