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Where Have All The People Gone?

As we become adults, we continue to see and feel the effects of people’s power and power trips over us. Parents, teachers, spouses, bosses, businesses, social media, doctors and of course, the government want us to fall in line. And we all do, more or less, one way or another. For the most part, it is civil, democratic, and how we survive as a species living in the United States of America. On the surface, it may have value. The underlying usually lesser-known factors start to creep up over time to distort or completely obliterate the truth. Usually, it is subtle so one does not necessarily know that it is happening at all. Do you take things at face value? Do you even notice when quality in products has gone down but still you accept it and do nothing about it. When will you question authority and stand up to it?

Is it too hard to see that people with different points of view cannot express their views any more? What has happened to that way of communicating? Do you not notice anymore because it’s been hammered into you to comply, follow and not question anything? Maybe you don’t crave more information or even notice that you are forced to believe and think one way only. The power of suggestion runs deep; especially if money and power are involved. It is possible that what we take for granted can become an addiction through repetition. Stepping out as an individual seems to come at a premium living in our society and world today. We all have thoughts, feelings, mannerisms, and strong beliefs and still succumb to save face. Is it human nature to do this or is it through a process that is pinning away at our precious individuality, one unique characteristic at a time?

Most of us are too numb to realize how easily we are being played. This linear attitude creates a huge impact on society, with a ripple effect that threatens our essence, creativity, and survival on this earth. When we become complacent or adhering, it is easy to lose sight and ability to understand the meaning of our own worth. Maybe that is one reason Alzheimer’s disease is so prevalent in Western society—our brains get lost in submission. The America I grew up in recognizes and encourages individualism and personal growth. It seems that God’s given right as a human being to exist in the way we choose to live, in the United States of America, is being threatened every day.

I find it interesting that whomever it is running the show will never say outright what they are trying to do or achieve. It’s kind of a nebulous cloud that hangs over us. That should give you a clue that there is cause for alarm. And when they send their media, tech and ag servants out to do their bidding; it becomes a magic show meant to placate the masses with hocus-pocus. Rather than present facts they use tactics like “don’t look there, look over here” and that becomes the main attraction.

Without clarity and purpose, what is being accomplished? For those of us who thrive on truth and sincerity, it is disappointing to find transparency no longer exists! When you’ve learned to live this way and you notice there is complete disregard of key elements society thrives on, it sends out a disturbing message.

Are we confused or do we not understand? Deception, lies and manipulation have taken over. For the more sensitive beings on this earth, people who derive their sense of worth through freedom of expression, this is bad news. For people who believe in humane practices, dignity and pride in self, the powers that be are stripping away precious individualism, posthaste. Thus, pitting you against me plays into the scheme of things perfectly. Chaos is a highly desirable tool used by a demonic ruling class.

If you continue to bow and accept without questioning what lies before you, unfortunately, you make it harder for both you and me to thrive as a species. You also make it convenient for your cell phone to track your every move. Once all the players present themselves and are in full throttle mode, your cell phone instantly becomes their best surveillance device to control you.

There is a rampant disconnect in the system out there, just begging for everyone to notice. If I can’t feel a sense of purity or integrity in an action innately, I cringe and know it needs to be questioned.

Perhaps the solution can be to question what you currently believe in and become aware of what is happening around you. Think about modifying a behavior and stepping up to challenges. Think about Homo sapiens. Is our plight in life better or worse? Our goal should be to reverse distortion and bring back meaningful purpose to the patriots of humanity. There is a high price to pay for indifference—not to mention the loss of deep spiritual connection. Are all of these things worth fighting for or are you resigned to become sheeple instead of people?

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